(HGM039) Microesfera & Berlinger ‎– Darkness Also Matters


Microesfera & Berlinger ‎– Darkness Also Matters


Release Date 2015-09-07
Label: Holographic Musik
Catalog Number: HGM039
Composed by: Lou Bernier, Ramiro de la Cruz Larrain 
Mastered by: Ramiro de la Cruz Larrain

united-kingdom_flag– Microesfera and Berlinger met in mid 2014, when their respective work was
presented for an electronic music festival in the city of Buenos Aires. Lou
Berlinger and Ramiro Microesfera were invited to perform there and since
then, they have been working together in the studio as producers but also
on the dance floor as Djs and live performers: Burning Man Argentina and
Nov Electr03.Making music together felt natural, as both backgrounds complete each
other very well, one coming from the analogue and the other from the digital
world. Both of them having the same passion for acid, minimal and techno
sounds, made their music complementary.

A World full of details, glitches, bass lines and sensual voices came out as
a natural process between the two producers, and as a result: DARKNESS
ALSO MATTERS. A dark up beat and melancholic micro tech and deep
house EP.



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