Microesfera – Negative are their debut album for Static Discos, “Negative”, is a collection of tracks which are transmuted into micro techno sounds that create a reverse mesh of avant dance aesthetics. “We wanted to do a dance album for Static Discos, but with a strong concept behind it”, explain Alejandro and Ramiro. “We knew from the start that we wanted to call it ‘Negative’, taking into account all the things that are negative for us but that are positive for others. In general the tracks are full of many backwards sounds; we played with the inverse and reverse of sound, trying to temporally break the linearity of the music. We wanted to go back in time, to be negative and positive, to create bisexual sounds while at the same time trying to be conscious of our own ambivalence.

We tried to create feedback music for ourselves, writing the music backwards, just to see what would happen”. “Negative” succeeds in many levels, creating an original sound that is analog and digital at the same time, full of perky details that have to be listened at very close range as voices hush strange things into the ear. To an extent, there is a direct rawness to each of the tracks, as sounds appear and disappear, break away and come back in a different forms. What appears to be simple ends up sounding complicated and vice versa.

The mini album completes itself with 3 remixes from up and coming Latin American producers, Receptor (Chile), Fax and Latinsizer (both from Mexico). The digital release boasts a fourth remix by Vlisa, as Alejandro and Ramiro, end up remixing themselves in a never ending pattern of techno mirrors. – See more at:

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